自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 23    No. 8    August 2016

Materials, Metallurgy, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Tuning microstructure and surface chemistry of reduced graphene oxide by mild reduction LENG Xian(冷娴), LIU Ru-tie(刘如铁), ZOU Jian-peng(邹俭鹏), XIONG Xiang(熊翔), HE Han-wei(何捍卫) 1823
Effects of rapid solidification process and 0.1%Pr/Nd addition on characteristics of Sn-9Zn solder alloy and interfacial properties of Cu/solder/Cu joints ZHAO Guo-ji(赵国际), WEN Guang-hua(文光华), SHENG Guang-min(盛光敏), JING Yan-xia(景彦霞) 1831
Correlation between microstructural features and tensile strength for friction welded joints of AA-7005 aluminum alloy Seyyed Mostafa Tahsini, Ayyub Halvaee, Hamed Khosravi 1839
Parametric optimization of friction stir welding process of age hardenable aluminum alloys-ANFIS modeling D. Vijayan, V. Seshagiri Rao 1847
Effect of a novel three-step aging on strength, stress corrosion cracking and microstructure of AA7085 CHEN Song-yi(陈送义), CHEN Kang-hua(陈康华), DONG Peng-xuan(董朋轩), YE Sheng-ping(叶升平), HUANG Lan-ping(黄兰萍), YANG Dai-jun(阳代军) 1858
Flow stress behavior and constitutive modeling of 20MnNiMo low carbon alloy WANG Meng-han(王梦寒), WANG Gen-tian(王根田), WANG Rui(王瑞) 1863
A revisit of strain-rate frequency superposition of dense colloidal suspensions under oscillatory shears LI Jun-jie(李俊杰), CHENG Xuan(程璇), ZHANG Ying(张颖), SUN Wei-xiang(孙尉翔) 1873
Conversion of coal gangue into alumina, tobermorite and TiO2-rich material LUO Jun(罗骏), LI Guang-hui(李光辉), JIANG Tao(姜涛), PENG Zhi-wei(彭志伟), RAO Ming-jun(饶明军), ZHANG Yuan-bo(张元波) 1883
Influence of hydrogen-enriched atmosphere under coke oven gas injection on reduction swelling behaviors of oxidized pellet LONG Hong-ming(龙红明), WANG Hong-tao(王宏涛), DI Zhan-xia(狄瞻霞), CHUN Tie-jun(春铁军), LIU Zheng-gen(柳政根) 1890
Magnetizing roast and magnetic separation of iron in rare-earth tailings YANG He(杨合), RONG Yi(荣宜), HAN Chong(韩冲), TANG Rong(唐荣), XUE Xiang-xin(薛向欣), LI Yong(李勇), LI Ying-nan(李英楠) 1899
Estimation of half-wave potential of anabolic androgenic steroids by means of QSER Approach DAI Yi-min(戴益民), LIU Hui(刘辉), NIU Lan-li(牛兰利), CHEN Cong(陈聪), CHEN Xiao-qing(陈晓青), LIU You-nian(刘又年) 1906
A land use-based spatial analysis method for human health risk assessment of heavy metals in soil and its application in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China WANG Zhen-xing(王振兴), GUO Qing-wei(虢清伟), YANG Zhi-hui(杨志辉), SUN Guo-qing(孙国庆), YE Wan-sheng(叶万生), HU Xi-bang(胡习邦) 1915
Diesel oil infiltration in soils with selected antecedent water content and bulk density MA Yan-fei(马艳飞), LI Yong-xia(李永霞), S. H. Anderson, ZHENG Xi-lai(郑西来), FENG Xue-dong(冯雪冬), GAO Pei-ling(高佩玲) 1924
Exploring heating performance of gas engine heat pump with heat recovery DONG Fu-jiang(董付江), LIU Feng-guo(刘凤国), LI Xian-ting(李先庭), YOU Xue-yi(尤学一), ZHAO Dong-fang(赵冬芳) 1931
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Information Engineering
Application of camera calibrating model to space manipulator with multi-objective genetic algorithm WANG Zhong-yu(王中宇), JIANG Wen-song(江文松), WANG Yan-qing(王岩庆) 1937
Line of sight waypoint guidance for a container ship based on frequency domain identification of Nomoto model of vessel M. T. Ghorbani 1944
Saturation influence of control voltage on maglev stationary self-excited vibration LI Jin-hui(李金辉), LI Jie(李杰), YU Pei-chang(余佩倡) 1954
A bearing fault diagnosis method based on sparse decomposition theory ZHANG Xin-peng(张新鹏), HU Niao-qing(胡茑庆), HU Lei(胡雷), CHEN Ling(陈凌) 1961
Compliant landing of a trotting quadruped robot based on hybrid motion/force robust control LANG Lin(郎琳), WANG Jian(王剑), WEI Qing(韦庆), MA Hong-xu(马宏绪) 1970
An underwater acoustic data compression method based on compressed sensing GUO Xiao-le(郭晓乐), YANG Kun-de(杨坤德), SHI Yang(史阳), DUAN Rui(段睿) 1981
A variation pixels identification method based on kernel spatial attraction model and local entropy for robust endmember extraction ZHAO Chun-hui(赵春晖), TIAN Ming-hua(田明华), QI Bin(齐滨), WANG Yu-lei(王玉磊) 1990
Reliability-based design optimization for flexible mechanism with particle swarm optimization and advanced extremum response surface method ZHANG Chun-yi(张春宜), SONG Lu-kai(宋鲁凯), FEI Cheng-wei(费成巍), HAO Guang-ping(郝广平), LIU Ling-jun(刘令君) 2001
A novel technology for control of variable speed pumped storage power plant Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hosseini, Mohammad Reza Semsar 2008
Optimization of geometric parameters of reinforced sheets based on a cell-based smoothed discrete shear gap (CS-FEM-DSG3) method Mehrdad Sarafrazi, Armen Adamian 2024
Cross-coupling integral adaptive robust posture control of a pneumatic parallel platform ZUO He(左赫), TAO Guo-liang(陶国良) 2036
Multi-species particle swarms optimization based on orthogonal learning and its application for optimal design of a butterfly-shaped patch antenna SUN Li-ling(孙丽玲), HU Jing-tao(胡静涛), HU Kun-yuan(胡琨元), HE Mao-wei(何茂伟), CHEN Han-ning (陈瀚宁) 2048
Sliding mode control of solid state transformer using a three-level hysteresis function LIU Bao-long(刘宝龙), ZHA Ya-bing(査亚兵), ZHANG Tao(张涛) 2063
Effect of wind fluctuating on self-starting aerodynamics characteristics of VAWT ZHU Jian-yang(朱建阳), JIANG Lin(蒋林), ZHAO Hui(赵慧) 2075
Lateral load-carrying capacity analyses of composite shear walls with double steel plates and filled concrete with binding bars ZHOU De-yuan(周德源), LIU Ling-fei(刘凌飞), ZHU Li-meng(朱立猛) 2083
A novel method of photographic geological logging based on parallel image sequence in small tunnel MAO Yu-feng(毛羽丰), LI Hao(李浩), HE Yan-lan(何燕兰), YANG Biao(杨彪), WU Ming-fei(吴铭飞) 2092
Dye tracer infiltration technique to investigate macropore flow paths in Maka Mountain, Yunnan Province, China ZHANG Jia-ming(张家明), XU Ze-min(徐则民) 2101
Geological, Civil, Energy and Traffic Engineering
Bending behaviour of lightweight aggregate concrete-filled steel tube spatial truss beam FU Zhong-qiu(傅中秋), JI Bo-hai(吉伯海), ZHU Wei(朱伟), GE Han-bing(葛汉彬) 2110
Endpoint forecasting on composite regeneration by coupling cerium-based additive and microwave for diesel particulate filter E Jia-qiang(鄂加强), ZUO Qing-song(左青松), LIU Hai-li(刘海力), LI Yu(李煜), GONG Jin-ke(龚金科) 2118
An ICPSO-RBFNN nonlinear inversion for electrical resistivity imaging JIANG Fei-bo(江沸菠), DAI Qian-wei(戴前伟), DONG Li(董莉) 2129

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