自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 24    No. 1    January 2017

Galvanic corrosion behavior of plain carbon steel-B4C composite in 3.5% NaCl solution with electrochemical noise S. H. Ettefagh Far, A. Davoodi 1
An optimized hardness model for carburizing-quenching of low carbon alloy steel ZHANG Xing(张星), TANG Jin-yuan(唐进元), ZHANG Xue-rui(张学瑞) 9
Soft measurement model of ring’s dimensions for vertical hot ring rolling process using neural networks optimized by genetic algorithm WANG Xiao-kai(汪小凯), HUA Lin(华林), WANG Xiao-xuan(汪晓旋), MEI Xue-song(梅雪松), ZHU Qian-hao(朱乾浩), DAI Yu-tong(戴玉同) 17
Adsorption of residual amine collector HAY from aqueous solution by refined carbon from coal fly ash and activated carbon LI Xian-bo(李显波), YE Jun-jian(叶军建), QIU Yue-qin(邱跃琴), LI Long-jiang(李龙江),MAO Song(卯松), LIU Zhi-hong(刘志红), ZHANG Qin(张覃) 30
Effect and function mechanism of sinter basicity on softening-melting behaviors of mixed burden made from chromium-bearing vanadium-titanium magnetite WANG Hong-tao(王宏涛), ZHAO Wei(赵伟), CHU Man-sheng(储满生), WANG Ran(汪燃), LIU Zheng-gen(柳政根), XUE Xiang-xin(薛向欣) 39
Liquidus and phase equilibria in CaO-SiO2-5%MgO-20%Al2O3-TiO2 system SUN Li-feng(孙丽枫), SHI Jun-jie(石俊杰), ZHANG Bo(张波), QIU Ji-yu(邱吉雨), WANG Zhao-yun(王昭云), JIANG Mao-fa(姜茂发) 48
Mechanism of different particle sizes of quartz activated by metallic ion in butyl xanthate solution QIN Wen-qing(覃文庆), WU Jia-jia(武佳佳), JIAO Fen(焦芬) 56
Recovery of magnetite from FeSO4·7H2O waste slag by co-precipitation method with calcium hydroxide as precipitant YU Wang(余旺), PENG Ying-lin(彭映林), ZHENG Ya-jie(郑雅杰) 62
Thermo-structural analysis on evaluating effects of friction and transient heat transfer on performance of gears in high-precision assemblies Hossein Golbakhshi, Moslem Namjoo 71
Modeling flame propagation speed and quenching distance of aluminum dust flame with spatially random distribution of particles Mehdi Bidabadi, Alireza Khoeini Poorfar 81
Power loss reduction of distribution systems using BFO based optimal reconfiguration along with DG and shunt capacitor placement simultaneously in fuzzy framework M.Mohammadi, A.Mohammadi Rozbahani, S.Bahmanyar 90
Reliability-based robust multi-objective optimization of a 5-DOF vehicle vibration model subjected to random road profiles Abolfazl Khalkhali, Morteza Sarmadi, Sina Yousefi 104
Online residual useful life prediction of large-size slewing bearings—A data fusion method FENG Yang(封杨), HUANG Xiao-diao(黄筱调), HONG Rong-jing(洪荣晶), CHEN Jie(陈捷) 114
Modeling of rough surfaces with given roughness parameters ZHOU Wei(周炜), TANG Jin-yuan(唐进元), HE Yan-fei(何艳飞), ZHU Cai-chao(朱才朝) 127
An extended iterative direct-forcing immersed boundary method in thermo-fluid problems with Dirichlet or Neumann boundary conditions Ali Akbar Hosseinjani, Ali Ashrafizadeh 137
Paste-like cemented backfilling technology and rheological characteristics analysis based on jigging sands WEI Chong(魏冲), WANG Xin-min(王新民), ZHANG Yun-hai(张云海), ZHANG Qin-li(张钦礼) 155
Rock strength interval analysis using theory of testing blind data and interval estimation TIAN Sen(田森), CHEN Jian-hong(陈建宏), DONG Long-jun(董陇军) 168
Nonlinear finite-element-based structural system failure probability analysis methodology for gravity dams considering correlated failure modes HU Jiang(胡江), MA Fu-heng(马福恒), WU Su-hua(吴素华) 178
A novel non-overlapping approach to accurately represent 2D arbitrary particles for DEM modelling ZHANG Qiang(张强), XU Wei-ya(徐卫亚), LIU Qin-ya(刘沁雅), WANG Wei(王伟), MENG Qing-xiang(孟庆祥) 190
Vertical-to-horizontal response spectral ratio for offshore ground motions: Analysis and simplified design equation CHEN Bao-kui(陈宝魁), WANG Dong-sheng(王东升), LI Hong-nan(李宏男), SUN Zhi-guo(孙治国), LI Chao(李超) 203
Numerical method and model for calculating thermal storage time for an annular tube with phase change material LIU Fan-han(刘泛函), XU Jian-xin(徐建新), WANG Hui-tao(王辉涛), WANG Hua(王华) 217
Robust elastic impedance inversion using L1-norm misfit function and constraint regularization PAN Xin-peng(潘新朋), ZHANG Guang-zhi(张广智), SONG Jia-jie(宋佳杰), ZHANG Jia-jia(张佳佳),WANG Bao-li(王保丽), YIN Xing-yao(印兴耀) 227
Metro passenger flow control with station-to-station cooperation based on stop-skipping and boarding limiting JIANG Man(姜曼) , LI Hai-ying(李海鹰), XU Xin-yue(许心越), XU Shi-peng(徐仕鹏), MIAO Jian-rui(苗建瑞) 236

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