自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 25    No. 9    September 2018

Health monitoring and comparative analysis of time-dependent effect using different prediction models for self-anchored suspension bridge with extra-wide concrete girder ZHOU Guang-pan(周广盼), LI Ai-qun(李爱群), LI Jian-hui(李建慧), DUAN Mao-jun(端茂军) 2025
Study of road tunnel threshold zone lighting reduction coefficient DU Feng(杜峰), WENG Ji(翁季), HU Ying-kui(胡英奎), CAI Xian-yun(蔡贤云) 2040
Determination of key parameters of Al–Li alloy adhesively bonded joints using cohesive zone model YUAN Shun(袁顺), LI Yi-bo(李毅波), HUANG Ming-hui(黄明辉), LI Jian(李剑) 2049
BGIDB: A fundus ground truth building tool with automatic DDLS classification for glaucoma research ZOU Bei-ji(邹北骥), GUO Yun-di(郭云镝), CHEN Zai-liang(陈再良), HE Qi(何骐), ZHU Cheng-zhang(朱承璋), OUYANG Ping-bo(欧阳平波) 2058
Fatigue life prediction of workpiece with 3D rough surface topography based on surface reconstruction technology LI Guo-wen(李国文), TANG Jin-yuan(唐进元), ZHOU Wei(周炜), LI Lin(李林) 2069
Transmitting oscillation suppression of low-Tc SQUID TEM system based on RC serial and multi-parallel capacity snubber circuit JI Yan-ju(嵇艳鞠), LI Zong-wei(李宗蔚), RONG Liang-liang(荣亮亮), XIE Li-jun(谢立军),XIE Xiao-ming(谢晓明), DU Shang-yu(杜尚宇), LIN Jun(林君), WANG Yuan(王远) 2076
Effect of aluminum particle on properties of viscous medium during warm viscous pressure bulging GAO Tie-jun(高铁军), LV Yang-jie(吕阳杰), LIU Qing(刘青), WANG Zhong-jin(王忠金) 2085
Stress redistribution of simply supported reinforced concrete beams under fire conditions DING Fa-xing(丁发兴), LI Zhe(李喆), CHENG Shan-shan, YU Zhi-wu(余志武) 2093
Numerical and experimental investigation of rock breaking method under free surface by TBM disc cutter ZHANG Xu-hui(张旭辉), XIA Yi-min(夏毅敏), ZENG Gui-ying(曾桂英),TAN Qing(谭青), GUO Ben(郭犇) 2107
Reduction of Cr(VI) with a relative high concentration using different kinds of zero-valent iron powders: Focusing on effect of carbon content and structure on reducibility LV Jin-fang(吕晋芳), TONG Xiong(童雄), ZHENG Yong-xing(郑永兴), XIE Xian(谢贤), HUANG Ling-yun(黄凌云) 2119
Unmanned wave glider heading model identification and control by artificial fish swarm algorithm WANG Lei-feng(王磊峰), LIAO Yu-lei(廖煜雷), LI Ye(李晔), ZHANG Wei-xin(张蔚欣), PAN Kai-wen(潘恺文) 2131
Influence of porogen type and copper powder morphology on property of sintering copper porous materials LIU Ru-tie(刘如铁), CHEN Jie(陈洁), XIONG Xiang(熊翔) 2143
Power-line interference suppression of MT data based on frequency domain sparse decomposition TANG Jing-tian(汤井田), LI Guang(李广), ZHOU Cong(周聪), LI Jin(李晋), LIU Xiao-qiong(刘晓琼), ZHU Hui-jie(朱会杰) 2150
Cooperative driving model for non-signalized intersections with cooperative games YANG Zhuo(杨卓), HUANG He(黄何), WANG Guan(王冠), PEI Xin(裴欣), YAO Dan-ya(姚丹亚) 2164
Direct fabrication of highly porous graphene/TiO2 composite nanofibers by electrospinning for photocatalytic application HE Yuan(何缘), LIU Yun-guo(刘云国) 2182
Benzohydroxamic acid to improve iron removal from potash feldspar ores CAO Zhan-fang(曹占芳), QIU Pei(邱培), WANG Shuai(王帅), ZHONG Hong(钟宏) 2190
A method of searching fault propagation paths in mechatronic systems based on MPPS model WANG Yan-hui(王艳辉), LI Man(李曼), SHI Hao(史浩) 2199
Dynamic analysis, simulation, and control of a 6-DOF IRB-120 robot manipulator using sliding mode control and boundary layer method Mojtaba HADI BARHAGHTALAB, Vahid MEIGOLI, Mohammad Reza GOLBAHAR HAGHIGHI,Seyyed Ahmad NAYERI, Arash EBRAHIMI 2219
Anomaly detection in traffic surveillance with sparse topic model XIA Li-min(夏利民), HU Xiang-jie(胡湘杰), WANG Jun(王军) 2245
Superposed disturbance mechanism of sequential overlying strata collapse for gob-side entry retaining and corresponding control strategies HAN Chang-liang(韩昌良), ZHANG Nong(张农), RAN Zhi(冉智), GAO Rui(高锐), YANG Hou-qiang(杨厚强) 2258
Upper bound analysis of ultimate pullout capacity of shallow 3-D circular plate anchors based on nonlinear Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion ZHAO Lian-heng(赵炼恒), TAN Yi-gao(谭亦高), HU Shi-hong(胡世红), DENG Dong-ping(邓东平), YANG Xin-ping(杨新平) 2272
Optimization of suspension system of heavy off-road vehicle for stability enhancement using integrated anti-roll bar and coiling spring mechanism Ilgar JAVANSHIR, Andino MASELENO, Shahin TASOUJIAN, Majid OVEISI 2289

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