自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 16    No. 1    December 2009

Indoor Thermal Environment and Air Quality
Impact of air pressure on volatile organic compound emissions from a carpet LIN Chao-hsin 1
Impact of summer office set air-conditioning temperature on energy consumption and thermal comfort 刘红,刘红,马小磊,高亚峰 6
Subjective evaluation of indoor environmental quality of underground shopping malls in central district of Chongqing,China 高俊敏,张科,蒲清平,张英 12
Indoor biology pollution control based on system-based humidity priority control strategy 谢慧,刘亚昱,石博强 17
Impact of indoor thermal comfort on physiological parameters of human body 郑洁,郑洁,张瑜,姚润明 24
Simplified prediction model for lighting energy consumption in office building scheme design 余琼,周潇儒,朱颖心,林波荣 28
Thermal comfort in naturally ventilated indoor environment in hot and humid climate zone in P. R. China 李文杰,李文杰,李百战,许孟楠,景胜蓝 33
Experimental and numerical simulation of air distribution and microorganism pollutant dispersion in gymnasium 马飞,霍廖然,谢慧,范慧芳 38
Field study of thermal comfort and preferences in air-conditioned offices in Chongqing,P. R. China 马小磊,马小磊,刘红,谈美兰,袁杰 43
Field study of thermal comfort and indoor air quality in gymnasium 谢慧,马飞,甘晓爱 48
Field experiments on thermal comfort in university dormitories in Chongqing,China 谈美兰,谈美兰,李百战,刘红,章文洁,李文杰,许孟楠 55
CFD numerical simulation of dispersion law of indoor gas leakage based on weather conditions 张甫仁,张甫仁,张辉,庄春龙 62
Application of natural ventilation of residential buildings in hot-humid regions 喻伟,沈艳,丁勇 68
Green Building and Building Energy Efficiency
Cool storage time of phase change wallboard room in summer 冯国会,陈其针,黄凯良,牛润萍,王琳 75
Impact of landscape on wind environment in residential area 冯宁,马杰,朱颖心,林波荣 80
Building cooling by night-time ventilation 卢军,卢军,王曦,甘灵丽 84
Development of intelligent buildings in Bahrain CLEMENTS-CROOME Derek 89
Method for acquiring part load distribution coefficient of air conditioning system 丁勇,丁勇,李百战,谭颖 95
Comparison of project management approaches in construction AUSTIN S,THORPE T 100
Investigation on balcony plume entrainment NIEL SEN P V,HEILSELBERG P,BROHUS H 105
Energy-saving potential analysis for teaching building with intermittent heating system in university of Tianjin 何乐,孙贺江 111
Environmental sustainability modeling with exergy methodology for building life cycle 刘猛,刘猛,姚润明 118
Methods of evaluating cleanliness of ventilation ducts 曹勇,罗运有,于丹,甘丽斯 124
Impact of UK Building Regulations on design and thermal performance of dwellings LIM D,姚润明 127
Passive cooling of porous tile used on external wall 罗庆,刘庆开,夏煦 135
Equations of two-phase flow in spray chamber 李新禹,张志红,金星,徐杰 140
Thermal performance of solar air collector with slit-like perforations 李宪莉,由世俊,张欢,尤占平 145
Analysis on thermal measuring of green roof 唐鸣放,蒋琳 150
Storage and exchange thermal characteristic analysis of phase change wallboard room with different conditions 黄凯良,陈其针,刘馨,冯国会,牛润萍 150
Residential building thermal performance energy efficiency in Yangtze River basin 王厚华,庄燕燕,吴伟伟 159
Thermal stratification level of low sidewall air supply with air-conditioning system in large space 黄晨,蔡宁,高雪垒 166
Urban and architectural sustainable design strategies:Case of Chongqing CALIXTO Luis,GUEDES Manuel Correia 171
Value analysis of district heating system with gas-fired peak load boiler in secondary network 郑雪晶,穆振英 178
Applicability of sewage heat pump air-conditioning system 陈金华,刘猛,刘勇,靳鸣,陈洁 183
Carbon dioxide heat pump for dual-temperature drinking fountain 杨大章,何哲彬,黄秀芝,吕静 188
Thermal properties in phase change wallboard room based on air conditioning cold storage 陈其针,刘鑫,王琳,牛润萍 193
Applied analysis of ventilation technology in residential buildings in Changjiang river valley 杨露露,杨露露,卢军,王曦,甘灵丽 197
Experimental study on heat exchange of several types of exchangers 周志华,赵振华,于洋 204
Building-integrated renewable energy policy analysis in China 姚春妮,郝斌 209
Analysis and forecast of residential building energy consumption in Chongqing on carbon emissions 李沁,李沁,刘猛,钱发 214
Energy consumption of large space atrium under nozzle outlet during winter season 赵惠忠,林志芬,陈飞,黄晨,王丽慧,张敏 219
Building fire zone model with symbolic mathematics 武红梅,郜冶,周允基 224
Thermal environment analysis of mountainous towns based on GIS 高亚锋,高亚锋,李百战,王志浩,杨玉兰 230
Experimental investigation and energy consumption analysis for subway side-platform in north cities 曹荣光,由世俊,董书芸 235
Design of low-energy building and energy consumption analyses 刘鸣,范悦,索健,陈滨,朱佳音 239
Techno-economic analysis of single U-tube and double U-tube heat exchangers in Chongqing area 王勇,郭凯生,田荣,韩传璞,赖道新,徐峰 244
Performance analysis on solar-water compound source heat pump for radiant floor heating system 曲世林,马飞,仇安兵 249
Thermal performance of integration of solar collectors and building envelopes 于国清,龚小辉,曹双华 255
Heat transfer performance of fresh-air handing device using earth energy 刘丽莹,刘丽莹,付祥钊,张建波,刘丽,李金牛,孙克春 259
An adjusted energy-saving quantity calculation method for building energy-efficient retrofit 王青勤,王青勤,孟冲 265
Urban Ecological Enviroment
Sintering condition of sewage sludge for artificial lightmass aggregate 王里奥,张雷,黄川,董婧蒙 270
Role of urban remnant evergreen broad-leaved forests on natural restoration of artificial forests in Chongqing metropolis 杨永川,杨永川,李楠 276
Preparation and photocatalytic performance of Cs+/Sr2+-doped nano-sized TiO2 罗洁,李德良,金明子 282
Heavy metals pollution in water,suspended matter and surface sediment in typical mountainous urban river:A case study in Qingshui Stream in Chongqing,China 何太蓉,何太蓉,李百战,李贤良,刘存东 286
Superior drainage treated by combinational technique of biologic contact oxidation and constructed wetland 胡学斌,徐志恒,柴宏祥,龙腾锐 292
State simulation of water distribution networks based on DFP algorithm 张卉,张卉,何文杰,徐志恒 298
Nitrogen removal for low-carbon wastewater in reversed A2/O process by regulation technology 张智,陈杰云,范功端,尹晓静,谢丽华,李勇 304
Composition and recovery method for electrolytic manganese residue 陶长元,李明艳,刘作华,杜军 309
Watershed management for water supply in developing world city 车越,杨凯,吕永鹏,张宏伟,吴健,杨永川,杨永川 313
Orthogonal experiment on reclaimed water treatment and economic optimization model in green building 何强,张成,柴宏祥,樊明玉 322
Effects of inoculating microorganisms on mesophilic anaerobic digestion of septic sludge 黄川,谷伟,王里奥,宋珍霞 329
Purification of oily wastewater in thermal power plant by coal fly ash 刘仁龙,刘仁龙,陈维,刘清才 333
Mechanism and kinetics model of hydrolysis in anaerobic digestion of kitchen wastes 吴云,张代钧,杨钢 338
Characterization and coagulation performance of polymeric phosphate ferric sulfate on eutrophic water 焦世珺,邓小莉,吉方英,郑怀礼,陈容,邓琳莉 345
Establishment and application of performance evaluation model for collection and transportation system of municipal solid waste 彭绪亚,林晓东,贾传兴,王渝昆,黄媛媛 351
Removal characteristics of steroid estrogens in trickling filters WHEATLEY Andrew,GLASGOW Graeme 357
Dephosphorization mechanism of prolonged sludge age SBBR treating saline and high-phosphorus wastewater 龙腾锐,陈垚,周健 363
Nitrogen removal efficiency of iron-carbon micro-electrolysis system treating high nitrate nitrogen organic pharmaceutical wastewater 周健,段送华,陈垚,胡斌 368
Isolation of aerobic denitrifier and characteristics of enhanced nitrogen removal in concentric-circles reactor with diversion wall 许晓毅,汤丽娟,罗固源,蒋真玉 374
CODCr leaching rules of municipal solid waste in Songtao Reservoir,Hainan Province,China 陈大勇,王里奥 379
Effects of pH value and coagulant dosage on contact filtration of humic substances 蒋绍阶,刘宗源,梁建军 384


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