自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 21    No. 3    March 2014

Materials, Metallurgy, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Effects of various fillers on sintering, microstructures and properties of Ca-Ba-Al-B-Si-O glass/ceramic composites LIU Ming(刘明), ZHOU Hong-qing(周洪庆), LIU Min(刘敏), YUE Zhen-xing(岳振星), ZHU Hai-kui(朱海奎) 843
Experimental research on electromagnetic continuous casting high-speed steel composite roll LI Guo-jun(李国军), FENG Ming-jie(冯明杰) 849
Purification process of coal-based coke powder as anode for Li-ion batteries YANG Juan(杨娟), MA Lu-lu(马路路), ZHOU Xiang-yang(周向阳) 857
Characterization of shear stresses in nickel-based superalloy Mar-M247 when orthogonal machining with coated carbide tools CHEN Shao-hsien, SU Sen-chieh, JEHNG Wern-dare 862
Electrochimical determination of uric acid, xanthine and hypoxanthine by poly(xylitol) modified glassy carbon electrode DOU Zhi-yu (窦志宇), CUI Li-li (崔丽莉), HE Xing-quan (何兴权) 870
Effects of MgO on densification and consolidation of oxidized pellets GAO Qiang-jian(高强健), JIANG Xin(姜鑫), WEI Guo(魏国), SHEN Feng-man(沈峰满) 877
Dissolution mechanism and solubility of hemimorphite in NH3-(NH4)2SO4-H2O system at 298.15 K LI Qin-xiang(李琴香), CHEN Qi-yuan(陈启元), HU Hui-ping(胡慧萍) 884
Enantioselective extraction of clorprenaline enantiomers with hydrophilic selector of sulfobutylether-β-cyclodextrin by experiment and modeling ZHOU Cong-shan(周从山), XU Ping(徐萍), TANG Ke-wen(唐课文), JIANG Xin-yu(蒋新宇), YANG Tao(杨涛), ZHANG Pan-liang(张盼良), ZHU Zheng(朱政) 891
Preparation of amorphous nano-boron powder with high activity by combustion synthesis DOU Zhi-he(豆志河), ZHANG Ting-an(张廷安), HE Ji-cheng(赫冀成), HUANG Yang(黄杨) 900
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Information Engineering
Modeling, identification and compensation for geometric errors of laser annealing table LI Dian-xin(李殿新), ZHANG Jian-fu(张建富), ZHANG Yun-liang(张云亮), FENG Ping-fa(冯平法) 904
Optimizing crashworthiness design of square honeycomb structure LI Meng(李萌), DENG Zong-quan(邓宗全), GUO Hong-wei(郭宏伟), LIU Rong-qiang(刘荣强), DING Bei-chen(丁北辰) 912
Suspension principle of deep-ocean nodule collector ZHENG Hao(郑皓), LIU Shao-jun(刘少军), HU Qiong(胡琼) 920
An improved constrained model predictive control approach for Hammerstein-Wiener nonlinear systems LI Yan(李妍), CHEN Xue-yuan(陈雪原), MAO Zhi-zhong(毛志忠), YUAN Ping(袁平) 926
Mathematical model of slotting manufacture and simulation for cosine gears WANG Jian(王建), LUO Shan-ming(罗善明), XU Pan(徐攀) 933
Algorithm design and application of novel GM-AGC based on mill stretch characteristic curve JI Ya-feng(姬亚锋), ZHANG Dian-hua(张殿华), CHEN Shu-zong(陈树宗), SUN Jie(孙杰), LI Xu(李旭), DI Hong-shuang(邸洪双) 942
Hyperchaos behaviors and chaos synchronization of two unidirectional coupled simplified Lorenz systems SUN Ke-hui(孙克辉), WANG Yan(汪艳), WANG Yan-li(王艳丽) 948
Novel predictive model for metallic structure corrosion status in presence of stray current in DC mass transit systems XU Shao-yi(许少毅), LI Wei(李威), XING Fang-fang(邢方方), WANG Yu-qiao(王禹桥) 956
Analyses of noncommensurate sampling used in high-precision regenerative pseudo-noise ranging systems XU Zhao-bin(徐兆斌), JIN Xiao-jun(金小军), ZHANG Chao-jie(张朝杰), JIN Zhong-he(金仲和) 963
Two-way Markov random walk transductive learning algorithm LI Hong(李宏), LU Xiao-yan(卢小燕), LIU Wei-wen(刘玮文), Clement K. Kirui 970
Guaranteed cost control of networked control systems under limited communication capacity and variable sampling LIU Ying-ying(刘英英), CHU Yun-kai(褚云凯), CHE Wei-wei(车伟伟) 978
Energy efficiency enhancement of two-way amplifier forward relaying with channel estimation error SHI Xiao-ye(师晓晔), GE Jian-hua(葛建华), LI Jing(李靖), ZHANG Chen-si(张沉思) 987
Dynamic assets allocation based on market microstructure model with variable-intensity jumps QIN Ye-mei(覃业梅), PENG Hui(彭辉) 993
Optimization of ultrasonic elastography by coded excitation and transmit-side multi-frequency compounding ZHANG Zhi-hong(张志宏), LIU Hao-lin(刘昊霖), HE Ying-ni(何颖妮), Liu Dong-quan(刘东权) 1003
Energy and Power Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Mining Engineering
Numerical investigation of optimal geometry parameters for ejectors of premixed burner LIU Feng-guo(刘凤国), ZHANG Rui(张蕊), LIU Wen-bo(刘文博), Zhai Jun(翟军), ZHENG Bin(郑斌) 1011
Statistical analysis of pressure fluctuations during unsteady flow for low-specific-speed centrifugal pumps PEI Ji(裴吉), WANG Wen-jie(王文杰), YUAN Shou-qi(袁寿其) 1017
Thermo economic evaluation of oxy fuel combustion cycle in Kazeroon power plant considering enhanced oil recovery revenues Ehsan Torabnejad, Ramin Haghighi-Khoshkhoo, Niloufar Sarabchi 1025
Thermogravimetric characteristics and different kinetic models for medical waste composition containing polyvinyl chloride-transfusion tube DENG Na(邓娜), WANG Wei-wei(王维维), CUI Wen-qian(崔文谦), ZHANG Yu-feng(张于峰), MA Hong-ting(马洪亭) 1034
Integrated evaluation system under randomness and fuzziness for groundwater contamination risk assessment in a little town, Central China ZHU Hui-na(祝慧娜), YUAN Xing-zhong(袁兴中), LIANG Jie(梁婕), LIU Yong-de(刘永德), YIN Juan(尹娟), JIANG Hong-wei(江洪炜), HUANG Hua-jun(黄华军) 1044
Spatial quality evaluation for drinking water based on GIS and ant colony clustering algorithm HOU Jing-wei(侯景伟), MI Wen-bao(米文宝), LI Long-tang(李陇堂) 1051
Simulation of automobile fuel consumption and emissions for various driver’s manual shifting habits B. Mashadi, Y. Amiri-rad, A. Afkar, M. Mahmoodi-kaleybar 1058
Reasonable location parameters of pick and nozzle in combined cutting system ZENG Rui(曾锐), DU Chang-long(杜长龙), CHEN Rong-jun(陈荣俊), WANG Wen-juan(王文娟) 1067
Effect of some operational variables on bubble size in a pilot-scale mechanical flotation machine ZHANG Wei(张炜), J.E. Nesset, J.A. Finch 1077
Identification on rock and soil parameters for vibration drilling rock in metal mine based on fuzzy least square support vector machine ZUO Hong-yan(左红艳), LUO Zhou-quan(罗周全), GUAN Jia-lin(管佳林), WANG Yi-wei(王益伟) 1085
Geological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) microscopic simulation based on random-walk: Theory and parameters analysis TAN Mao-jin(谭茂金), XU Jing-jing(徐晶晶), ZOU You-long(邹友龙), XU Chi-cheng(徐赤诚) 1091
Finite difference method for dynamic response analysis of anchorage system YAN Zhi-xin(言志信), DUAN Jian(段建), JIANG Ping(江平), LIU Zi-zhen(刘子振), ZHAO Hong-liang(赵红亮), HUANG Wen-gui(黄文贵) 1098
Calculation model and mechanism analysis for rain-wind-induced vibration of stay cable XIE Gui-hua(谢桂华), LIU Rong-gui(刘荣桂), CAI Dong-sheng(蔡东升), CHEN Bei(陈蓓) 1107
Numerical evaluation of buckling behavior in space structure considering geometrical parameters with joint rigidity Su-Deok Shon, Kyung-JuHwang, Seung-Jae Lee 1115
Macro and meso analysis of jointed rock mass triaxial compression test by using equivalent rock mass (ERM) technique ZHOU Yu(周喻), WU Shun-chuan(吴顺川), GAO Yong-tao(高永涛), A. Misra 1125
Thermal-hydro-mechanical coupling damage model of brittle rock LI Peng(李鹏), RAO Qiu-hua(饶秋华), LI Zhuo(李卓), MA Wen-bo(马雯波), MA Bin(马彬) 1136
Three-dimensional stability analysis of anisotropic and non-homogeneous slopes using limit analysis HAN Chang-yu(韩长玉), CHEN Jin-jian(陈锦剑), XIA Xiao-he(夏小和), WANG Jian-hua(王建华) 1142
Dynamic estimation and reliability control of quality assurance for bored piles ZHAO Wen-yi(赵文艺), XU Zhi-jun(徐志军), ZHENG Jun-jie(郑俊杰), BIAN Xiao-ya(边晓亚) 1148
A new double reduction method for slope stability analysis BAI Bing(白冰), YUAN Wei(袁维), LI Xiao-chun(李小春) 1158
Limit analysis of vertical anti-pulling screw pile group under inclined loading on 3D elastic-plastic finite element strength reduction method DONG Tian-wen(董天文), ZHENG Ying-ren(郑颖人) 1165
Strength failure and crack coalescence behavior of sandstone containing single pre-cut fissure under coupled stress, fluid flow and changing chemical environment LU Zu-de(鲁祖德), CHEN Cong-xin(陈从新), FENG Xia-ting(冯夏庭), ZHANG You-liang(张友良) 1176
Propagation simulation and dilatancy analysis of rock joint using displacement discontinuity method LI Ke(李科), HUANG Lun-hai(黄伦海), HUANG Xing-chun(黄醒春) 1184
A new method determining safe thickness of karst cave roof under pile tip JIANG Chong(蒋冲), LIU Lang(刘浪), WU Jun-ping(吴均平) 1190
Influence of specimen uniformity on mechanical behaviour of unsaturated soil YANG Gang(杨钢), YANG Qing(杨庆), ZHANG Jin-li(张金利) 1197
Modeling approaches to pressure balance dynamic system in shield tunneling LI Shou-ju(李守巨), YU Shen(于申), QU Fu-zheng(屈福政) 1206
Size effect of confined concrete subjected to axial compression LI Zhen-bao(李振宝), SONG Jia(宋佳), DU Xiu-li(杜修力), YANG Xiu-guang(杨修广) 1217
Temperature gradients in concrete box girder bridge under effect of cold wave GU Bin(顾斌), CHEN Zhi-jian(陈志坚), CHEN Xin-di(陈欣迪) 1227
Collaborative prediction for bus arrival time based on CPS CAI Xue-song(蔡雪松) 1242

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